Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Need For Speed

So, what could be so fabulous that it would make me spend forever downloading the camera, you ask? Clapotis? No, although it is getting kind of fabulous.

Alas, it isn't Clapotis. What made me download the photos is the kind of fabulous that's only possible when you spend $10 to buy something that was going to cost you so much money that you could barely dream of having it. So much money that in your dreams, there were flying cars and, you know, some flying pigs, too. So here it is. What $10 can buy you on Craigslist.

That's right, people. A totally sweet serger. Something I totally have been wanting forever but could in no way justify buying, because buying one would have meant going without something else. Something important, like heat. Nonetheless, I've been browsing Craigslist for one because you just never know. And then this week-end, there it was, being sold by the lovely Angela who is moving to Japan and who clearly has the same craft issues that I do (the ones where you have tons of stuff and no time and so when you move to Japan you have to sell you serger for $10, and also you sell a bunch of canvases for $2 each. I promise promise promise to use them. But back to the serger.) It's pretty sweet.

So in my fantasy of buying the serger, I'd take it home, learn to thread it, and be whipping up awesome creations for my etsy shop by nightfall. By morning, I'd be rich. Instead, I went home, spent forever maybe learning to thread it. I have no clue if I'm really doing it right. I watched a bunch of u-tube videos of how to use it and after lots of work and trying, I made this.

So, if you'd like to buy that, send me an email. I'll totally sell it to you.

I'm hoping there's a learning curve to this and that I'm on it. I mean, it took awhile to get the hang of my sewing machine, and this puppy is much more complex. It sews at the speed of light, like 60,000 stitches per second or something. Also, and for ten bucks I'm really not complaining, but I think maybe it isn't the awesomest serger in the history of serging. But that's cool. I still feel like this over it.

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