Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dining Room Redux

We've just about had it with the dining room--a room constantly filled with piles of stuff, stuff, and more stuff. From mail to craft supplies to broken printers to the computer and sewing machine that live on the table, we've got it all. And mostly, it's all inaccessible and annoying. It's hard to sew a quick craft when your supplies are all on top of each other.

Part of the problem is that our furniture never really fit in this room and the overflow from all of the other rooms ended up here. The table is too big, the bookshelves are all wrong and the pieces that do work just get lost in the shuffle.

So we're fixing it. We're selling our table and buffet. I've already jettisoned a fair amount of crafty goodies and I'm going to get rid of more. And we're working on finding just the right replacements. It's going to be great.

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