Saturday, January 31, 2009

Show Me the Pictures

I do of course realize there haven't been any recent pics here. There are two reasons for this:

1. The camera is filled with 3 videos of E being cute, cute, cute. But the videos are long, long, long, so iPhoto can't quite figure them out. So they have to be downloaded a special way. I don't know this special way and I'm currently having a moratorium on learning new things. It's just going to have to wait for Sarah to do it. But she's a busy gal.

2. The light in Chicago has been crapsville for taking pictures of anything crafty anyway, all gloom and doom and snow. So it hardly matters that the camera is full. Oh, how I yearn for Spring. In all fairness to Chicago, it's actually kind of sunny today. Maybe today's the day!

So I guess you'll just have to settle for words, which sucks for you. Frankly, am way more wooed by pictures in blogs than text, which makes me a horrible person and a horrible writer.

I am 12 rows from the end of the middle section of my Clapotis. That leaves just the decrease rows and the end part. I'm cruisin'. This will totally be done by the time my parents visit in February for E's first birthday. (What?!? First birthday? How is it that I am nearly the mother of a one year old? Impossible. It seems like only yesterday he was a teeny, tiny peanut and now here he is walking and babbling and eating food. I can't believe it.)

The dining room renovation marches on. The Brown Elephant guys came on Thursday to take away the table and buffet. They were supernice. I'm so glad we decided to donate to them. What a lark! What a plunge! I feel good about myself and the world. It's for a good cause and other people without lots of money need dining room tables and buffets, so it's win-win. And I'm also glad that my dining room is open and inviting. E has been having a blast racing around in here--so much space! I am definitely hating my apartment less.

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