Sunday, January 25, 2009

Where to Next?

We're still working on our dining room. We tried to sell the table and buffet on Craig's List, but it didn't generate much interest. So we are donating it to the Brown Elephant. We feel pretty good about it. It'll go to a good cause, and the set was given to us by friends, so maybe from a karma perspective, it was wrong to sell it. It's getting picked up on Thursday along with our other miscellaneous things we don't need at all. We were able to sell some other items, though, which provided the "budget" for our little remodeling project. I'm going to be putting some maternity/nursing things up on eBay, and hopefully that'll pay for paint. We're keeping the chairs to the dining room set and planning to paint and reupholster them. In my mind's eye, they will look awesome. Our goal for the new space is to make it functional, cheery, and fun to be in, which will be a big change from what it is now: useless, cluttered, and upsetting.

I had a successful thrifting mission today. $9 bought me shoes, a poncho, a sweater vesty thing, a sweater for E, a turtleneck for E, and a button-down shirt for E, as well as some nursery material. Everything I wanted was half off. A total score.

In crafting news, the Clapotis marches on. I'm about out of the my stashed yarn, so I did have to buy more. I didn't want to pay for shipping, so I went searching locally and discovered a new yarn store: Loopy Yarns. It's in the South Loop and stocked to the gills with Lorna's Laces, Cascade everything, and all kinds of wooly goodness. On top of that, their prices were great and their staff was nice. It's not exactly close to my house, but it's really close to Sarah's work. Anywho, Clapotis is over half-way there. It's definitely on schedule for being done when my mom comes to visit for E's first birthday.

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