Thursday, March 26, 2009

Although it's a well-known fact around here that posting wakes up the baby, I'm going for it.

Spring is trying in vain to arrive here. Ah, March. It's all two steps forward and two steps back. Sunny, cloudy, warm, cold. Blah, blah, blah. Truth be told, I'm a summer girl. Give me hot day after hot day after hot day. The unpredictability of Spring is a first-class pain in the you-know-where. For example, we're supposed to go to the park today, but it's not technically warm enough for me. I need a full on 60 degrees to truly enjoy outside. However, E and I can't just sit around and stare at each other, so we'll go. The plan is to meet some mom friends, but they're showing our apartment, so we'll be running late. Why are they showing our apartment, you ask? Our building is up for sale again. I'm trying not to freak out about it, though. With this economy, who knows what will happen.

Crafting continues. It's dishcloth central around here. I'm trying to get really good pictures for the shop, but these cloths are tricky little puppies. I'm having trouble making them look good. And our camera is mostly not good at being, you know, in focus. So trying to capture detail is a real task. Add that to the light being utterly unreliable and here's what you get.

It's fine, but it's a little underwhelming. I'm going to figure it out, though. I think I need to set up a photo area in our back room, where the light is better. It's more of a storage area than a room right now, but we do have big plans.

I'm thinking of designing a knit dishcloth as well. I've been inspired by some amazing new-to-me knitters. Check this out. So up my alley, right? Simple, classic, red and white. Everything that's awesome about washing dishes. I'm going to try knitting one up tonight and see how it goes.

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