Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's Always Sunny in Chicago

Seriously. It's like 70 out. We're going to the park after a nap. In the meantime, I'm an embroidering fool. And I made an impromptu recycled sweater owl. His name is Stripey Owl.

I think I'm going to make a basket full of recycled wool toys for the E for Easter. This little guy was superfast to make. I definitely want to make some with pockets that he can put things in. He's very into putting things in and taking things out these days. He's very developmentally on track. I'm so proud. I try not to stress too much about that kind of thing, but let's face it. Not stressing isn't exactly my thing. I'm more of a stress first, ask questions later kind of gal. Anyway, he loves, for example, taking laundry out of the basket and putting it back in. This is fine with unfolded laundry, of which we generally have quite a bit. It's a bit more frustrating with folding laundry that we haven't put away yet, of which we also have quite a bit. Seems a shame to fold it if E is just going to unfold it. On the other hand, he's generally so happy doing it that I let it go. I mean, a happy baby means a happy mama, and that's good all around.

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