Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fancy This

Just a little flower-heavy improvisational embroidery in honor of the Chicago sun.

The long, miserable winter is Donesville and I say yay. Crafting is so seasonal sometimes. When cold weather appears on the doorstep, it's knit, knit, knit. Spring is definitely for embroidery, with its light, airy lines and bright colors. I didn't have any patterns I was really into (that weren't missing), so I did this one freehand. I have a bunch of small embroidery pieces. I'm thinking of turning them into a quilt with, you know, all of my spare time.

I've also been working on a name banner for E. I had planned it for his birthday, but I think Easter is a perfectly good time for a banner!

I suppose that banner pretty much spills the beans on E's name. Let's just try to keep it between you and me, though, okay? I'm trying to decide how to finish the edges of this. I'll keep you posted.

In kitchen news, I'm making my first vegetable stock from scratch right now. I used the odds and ends of various veggies from the past few weeks, some seriously lackluster celery, plus an onion, a carrot and a mushroom. I'm hoping it turns out not yucky. I find the idea of making stock so, I don't know, 1950's housewife romantic. There's definitely a 1950's housewife side to me. It's the other side of me from the side that's gay and hates to clean.


Mary said...

That is some truly bad ass embroidery.

barncat said...

Very pretty free hand embroidery, looks quite "springy"!

Jen said...

Thanks, Mary and Barncat!