Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cleaning Up

My computer and Blogger had a bit of a misunderstanding the other day, which lost me a labor-intensive picture-heavy post. Blast! But I think they've worked things out. Let's try again.

Dishcloths are still in the air around here.

And these will be coming soon to an Etsy Shop near you.

I've been enjoying using the ones I made for myself in my own kitchen, and I have to say, it makes me happy everytime I wipe up a spill or wash down a high-chair tray. Which is good news for me since these things happen nearly 60 times each week. I do think my kitchen is cleaner. I suspect those housewives of yore were on to something when they decked out their kitchens with pretty things.

I also had time to do some party photo editing.

The calm before the storm

More of the decorations

And more of the snake party favors

The snakes are made from recycled children's clothes. And I have to admit, I did utterly enjoy picking out girls' clothes for once. The boys' clothes offerings at the thrift store tend toward the dull or previously destroyed. If you need ugly colors and sports motifs, the thrift store is just the ticket. But if you're looking for cute patterns or a color besides tomato red or navy blue, you are doomed, doomed, doomed. The girls' aisle, by comparison, is brimming with cute prints and various colors and most of the clothes are not wrecked. You do have to sift through the "diva" and "princess" boloney, but the payoff is real and substantial. And frankly, I often find the cuter boys' items are mixed in here.

We don't have many picture from the actual party, but we did catch the key moment: E takes the cake.

If there's anything more fun than a one year old eating a whole cake, I don't know what it is.

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