Saturday, March 21, 2009

Losing It

I temporarily lost my Wee Wonderfuls embroidery patterns this week. It was awful. Those puppies are not cheap, for one thing. And for another, it just drives me nuts not to be able to find things. This is bad because I can't find things a lot. I know the problem is a combination of having too much stuff and not having enough time to pay attention. Luckily, I found my patterns, tucked inside my Jenny Hart Sublime Stitching book. Unluckily, I am also missing my rotary cutter ruler dealie. Because it's clear, it's very easy to lose. And I'm guessing that I stashed it someplace fast because E was around. Now I can't find it anywhere and I need it. I've been using a wooden ruler, which not only yields really crappy, inaccurate results, it's also kind of dangerous. It'd be super stupid to cut one's fingertips off while trying to craft.

This is all further evidence that I need to get this house in order. The overhaul got a bit stalled with E's birthday extravaganza and subsequent enhanced running ability on the part of the baby-who-is-not-such-a-baby-anymore. So that's the week-end project. That and finishing my shop update. This vintage-esque set of crocheted dishcloths is there already.

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